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I was born in Calgary and got my first real job with RBC where I worked for just over 20 years. It was booming then. I barely stayed in one position for more than a year. I loved it, I had so many great jobs, met tons of people, travelled and found life long friends along the way.

In 2001, while living in Canmore,  I chose to leave the bank for a few reasons (long and boring story).  From there I worked at the Banff Television Festival and The Rocky Mountain Soap Company before moving back to Calgary where eventually I got on at Mount Royal University.  Another great job!

However, I had caught the ocean bug several years before that when my mom told me about a special island she had discovered while vacationing on Vancouver Island.  And as they say – the rest is history.  In the summer of 2007, I moved to Gabriola.

About the Art though.  I have always LOVED art, fashion, décor, floral design and hair styling.  If you could see my scarf and shoe collection you would know what I mean. My uncle was a professional painter and an architect, my Grandmother was a great painter, but for me I always had this really great job.  I thought about art a lot but was not compelled to make a dedicated creative space, so didn't start actually painting until I moved back to Calgary. 

After trying watercolors, I discovered pastels and just fell in love with them. I painted solely in pastel for about 5 years and sold most of my paintings in a solo show before moving to Gabriola. I still love pastel but it is expensive to frame and tricky to do it yourself. I decided to change my medium to acrylic because of the endless possibilities to paint abstractly and create happy, colorful, layered works of art. My studio is packed with everything from crayons to gold leaf and everything in between. I spend every day off from work in there with all my stuff. I have to.